Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend - Sunday Part I

On Sunday morning, we headed over to Carillon Park for the Heritage Festival, hoping we could get in a couple hours of fun. We weren't to be disappointed!
First stop was the face painting station. Addie chose a mustache. She saw an example picture of one and told Aunt Julie that's what she wanted. Aunt Julie checked with me to make sure it was okay and of course I said yes. She is a funny little girl with lots of surprises up her sleeves!

Admiring the art on her face.

Next up, bounce house...a favorite.

They made star necklaces next.
Chase slept for a bit in the carrier. It was so incredibly hot so Dustin stayed in the shade, but I'm sure he was sweating bullets in there!

He eventually woke up and wanted the heck out of that thing, so Aunt Julie took over.
Gammy, Addie and Noah took a train ride.

Aunt Julie, Uncle Josh and baby girl in her belly.
After the train ride, we had a picnic lunch before heading home for naps. The mustache accidentally came off when I wiped the peanut butter and jelly off her face. :)

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