Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend - Saturday

We traveled down to Dayton for a couple of days this Memorial Day weekend to stay with Gammy and Poppy. Aunt Julie, Uncle Josh, and Noah were also going to be down there and we all wanted to celebrate Gammy's birthday, which was on the 25th.
We left bright and early around 7 Saturday morning to get down there. When we got there, Noah had some practice holding a baby to prepare for his sister's upcoming arrival.
Addie and Noah headed out to the sprinkler while Chase took his morning nap.

Gammy bought them a little pool and they had a great time!

I love this picture. Addie is such a good sport while letting Noah squirt her!
She is so beautiful!
That afternoon, we took Addie and Noah to the The Greene for some ice cream while Dustin and Josh stayed back because Chase was taking a really long nap and we didn't want to wake him.
She is an ice cream lover, that is for sure!

Noah finished his cone and Addison wasn't even halfway done with hers. Savoring every lick, I guess!
After ice cream, we headed over to the fountains so they could play in the water. I forgot to mention that it was a sweltering hot 89 degrees!
Addison and Aunt Lori
The sleepy boy finally woke up and joined us!

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