Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I was going through my pictures on my phone today and found some that I'd forgotten about.

Addison letting Chase talk on her cell phone.
Her dress is a 6-12 month. She wears it as a shirt/tunic now and wants to wear it every day!

Chase fell asleep in his crib rubbing his eyes. Precious!

We were sitting on the deck and he was squinting so I thought I'd give his eyes a break!

Okay, so since last night, I've realized a few things. #1, I overreacted to Addison's bangs. They really are pretty cute and I might actually like them and #2, apparently she's always had bangs and I didn't know! These pictures were taken on 5/20 while we were outside Children's Hospital waiting for an appointment for Chase.

#3, Her bangs can still be pulled back with a bow (pics taken yesterday evening) so I get the best of both worlds. :)


Christin Poterek said...

Hi Kristi - your kids are so cute! I would love to meet them someday, maybe at Purdue? Thanks for your input on whether I should wake Griffin to eat during long sleep stretches. My intuition has been not to wake him and my pediatrician confirmed it yesterday, so we'll all be enjoying some long naps now!

Emily said...

I love that she still wears that shirt (formerly dress)...even though it drives you a bit crazy:) I love the bangs and they look great pulled back too!