Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My name is

We knew that Addison knew her first and middle name. I sometimes call her by both names and she has more recently been very interested in a wooden sign that her Aunt Lori made. It hangs in her bathroom and says "Hope" (her middle name).

We were with some friends on Sunday and someone asked Addison what her name was. She replied "My name is Addison Hope Frazier". I turned to Dustin and said, "When did she start saying her full name?" He replied, "That's the first I've heard it." We really couldn't think of where she would have learned her full name. Even if we had said it once or twice, we thought it unlikely she had picked up on it.

It wasn't until Monday evening when we were down in Addison's playroom and noticed on her chalkboard was written "Addison Hope Frazier". It then occurred to us that her sweet babysitters (our neighbors) who watched her Saturday while we were rooting on the Buckeyes taught Addison her full name.

It's so cute to listen to her say her full name. We're working on clapping to the syllables to slow her down a bit (a suggestion from my mom). Today she told me that my name was "Mommy Hope Frazier". She is such a riot!


Katie said...

Such a smarty pants little Addison! It reminds me of when my mom always tells me that when I was younger I called everyone Emily...Daddy Emily, Mommy Emily, Grandma Emily, etc. So funny. I bet you and Dustin are having so much fun as she explores the world of talking...

Lori said...

You knew from day one how special Addison Hope would be. I'm happy she's asking about the the sign--that makes me feel good. I remember enjoying doing that sign so much (and how it took forever to get done). I am very thankful for my family. I love you. Please tell Addie Aunt Lori knows she is very special and I can't wait to hear her say her name. Love you all.