Friday, September 18, 2009

Addison singing her ABC's

Remember the ABC song performance I keep promising? Well, this is about the best I've been able to get, from this morning when I was getting ready and Addison was entertaining me, as usual.

She usually doesn't get tripped up on the LMNOP so much. I think she was just being a goofball.

I know she's my kid and all mom's say this, but she is sooooo darn cute!!!!


Aunt Beth said...

Let's work on the clarity a bit more..... JUST KIDDING!!! Your child is a genius, as we all know. It must have been all that sleep she has gotten thus far in her life :) Loved seeing you all recently. Love you all

Emily said...


That is one of the cutest performances I've seen in a long time. So adorable!