Wednesday, September 16, 2009


There's a little football team in our town who causes quite a stir from August - January every year. They are cleverly named after our state tree, the Buckeye, and play in the National Championships or a big bowl game much more often than not. The Ohio State Buckeyes, they're called, and though it totally goes against everything I ever believed, I have become a fan. I don't compare to the absolutely crazy fans that reside here in our city and throughout the world, but I am finally admitting that a fan I am. It's really hard not to be! (I will always love my Boilers, no doubt, and will always root for them against the Buckeyes, but for the other 11 or so games each year, I will be rooting for my home team.)
Dustin and I had the opportunity to attend what was being called the biggest game of the season last weekend, against USC. We cheered for the Buckeyes in Dustin's firm suite, nonetheless. Talk about doing it right! We had a great time with our good friends and also Dustin's client (hence the reason for being given 4 spots in the suite). My voice wasn't strong going into the game due to being sick for 10 days prior, but the game did me in. I walked out of the stadium at nearly midnight Saturday night with nothing left but a little croak.
Though we sadly didn't come out on the winning side, it was a great game. Great food, great game, great company. Can't ask for much more on a Saturday night.
To make things even better, we received a GREAT report from Addison's new babysitter. Having just gotten over a terrible illness and having not a chance to meet Jenny prior to that evening, I was a little worried that she might not be too happy being with anyone but me. I was wrong. I think I am finally learning that there is no need to worry about Addison being with other people, even someone who is a complete stranger to her. The girl is so flexible and easy-going. She does great every time! I was told she was a complete angel. We are very lucky and hope the next one has the same temperament as Addison!
Back to the game.....
We did a little tailgating before the game began. People started tailgating in the wee hours of the morning. It was an 8pm game. I told you they're crazy!
Dustin and Anthony

Anthony, Kate, Dustin and yours truly.

Dance party with some fun rappers.

This is really cool. First of all, the OSU marching band is amazing. Each game, they form a cursive Ohio. This was the formation of the O, leading into the h.

And here is the completion of Ohio, with the dotting of the i.

There wasn't an empty seat in the stadium. Even the nosebleed tickets were selling for hundreds of dollars. See? crazy!

I was too busy cheering and yelling at the players and refs to get any shots during the game, but trust me when I say it was a good one!

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