Monday, September 21, 2009

Matt and Stephanie's Wedding Weekend

This past weekend was the wedding of two of our good friends, Matt and Stephanie. Matt and Dustin have known one another their whole lives and went to school together from elementary through college. Matt was a groomsman in our wedding and Dustin was standing up for him. We knew we'd be busy so we asked my mom to come up and help out.

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner and since I knew Addison would be getting to bed late the next night because of the reception, we opted to keep her home with my mom.

Saturday morning we went to a local park and played for a bit.
The little boy in orange was crying because his grandma died (at least that's what I interpreted while eavesdropping). A lot of the other kids surrounded him and began talking about how many people had died in their families. Addison walked right into the middle of the crowd and sat down, wondering what was going on.
Later that day was the wedding, followed by the reception. We stayed around after the ceremony for pictures. Once they were done with me and Addison, we went out to the church lobby to play with her cousin, Aaron, and the grandparents. Aaron spotted a police man and woman and wanted to go see them.

Addison wasn't so excited about it. She was so scared of the police man and cried. I hope she is always this scared of law enforcement. That should keep her honest!
The funny thing is that this cop drives around doing his regular surveying of the neighborhood and if he sees a wedding ending (there are like 5 or 6 churches within 2 blocks on this street - not kidding), he stops and "arrests" the bride and groom. It was hilarious seeing the shock on Matt and Steph's faces as they were handcuffed.
The newlyweds being taken away.

We finally made it to the reception and Addison was greeted by a surprise gift bag at her seat.
She loved all the toys inside. It was such a good idea to do this for the kids!

The little ones all had a great time playing together.
Addison was a happy (and incredibly adorable) little girl!
She and Aaron made it onto the dance floor in between meal courses to play and dance.

We were already an hour past Addison's 7:30 bedtime (though you'd never know with how wound up she was), so my mom came to pick her up and get her to bed while Dustin and I enjoyed some adult time at the reception. I felt bad making her leave before the fun really began, but I think we were all better off the next morning because of it!
Congratulations to Matt and Stephanie. Here's to a lifetime of love and laughter! Hope you're enjoying Cabo!

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aunt lori said...

She loves Pinwheels, doesn't she? So cute.