Friday, September 25, 2009

Big news can wear a girl out

UPDATE: See bold print below

Addison was so excited to find out she is going to have a little brother, that she zonked right when we got into the car as we were leaving the doctor's office (a full hour before her normal nap time and very unusual for my daughter who doesn't like to sleep anywhere but on a mattress).

Addison loves going to my doctor. Keyword: my. Since 15 months, she hasn't liked her own doctors, though has recently been warming up to them a little more.
She has been to all 3 of my OB appointments with me, all of which have involved ultrasounds. The first time, she thought they were hurting me. She cried and said "hurt Mommy's tummy". I explained to her that my tummy was okay and the doctor wasn't hurting Mommy at all. At the second appointment, she was much more interested in her snacks than what the technician was doing to Mommy's tummy. Today, she was wide-eyed throughout most of the exam, seemingly amazed at what was going on and what she was being told. She was such a good girl. The tech thought Addison might be scared when she turned the sound of the heartbeat on, but Addison loved it. In fact, we had just come from music class and the beat (of 151) sounded like something we sing there, so Addison started singing along. I completely forgot to mention the following. After the ultrasound technician told us that we were having a little boy, Dustin came over to kiss me. Then, Addison, who was sitting next to me leaned over and gave me a big kiss and then continuously kissed my arm. It was adorable!

She is just an absolute sweetie. God, I love her!

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lori said...

so sweet. I love her too:)..and all of you.