Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just call me Betty

Betty Crocker, that is. Or Duncan Hines, if we're getting technical. Mommy and I baked a cake and cupcakes for Grandma and our neighbor friend's birthdays.

As soon as I heard Mommy say that we were making cupcakes, I went straight to the drawer with the cupcake pans!

Okay, Mommy, I'm ready to make cupcakes!
But, do I have to touch the mixer? It's a little scary.
Okay, I will touch it for one picture.
But I'd prefer stirring with the spatula while you use the mixer.
The mixing was complete. While Mommy was prepping the cake pans, I played with my own dishes, talking about what I was making, but Mommy couldn't understand what I was saying.
After a super-good and quite sweaty (mommy loves it when I wake up smelling like sweat - she's weird!) nap, the cakes were cool and ready for decorating!
I iced the cupcakes.
And decorated them with sprinkles.

Then I iced Grandma's cake.

And couldn't keep that arm out of the way. A smart Mommy would have moved the icing to my other side so I didn't have to reach across my body!
Sprinkles followed.
Lots and lots of sprinkles!

And just a few more for good measure.

The final product. Doesn't it look great? Well, if 3 people going through more than half of it in one night tells you anything....

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Grandma.
And getting kisses in return! I must be a really good baker!
Hope you had a great birthday, Grandma!

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