Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not a good start to our Memorial Day weekend

This weekend is a big one. My Aunt Beth's graduation yesterday and my Gammy's 60th birthday party Sunday with some other visits and excursions mixed in. It was supposed to be a really fun weekend with lots of friends and family.

What started as a runny nose turned into a high fever 24 hours later. Along with the fever came major troubles breathing. With each breath (which I was taking about every second), my chest would cave in and my belly protrude. It was really scary for everyone. I woke up this morning crying and never really stopped. I have only had a couple colds in my life, so this pain and discomfort is very new to me. Aunt Julie, you spoke too soon a couple weeks ago when you said I have the immune system of a robot. :)

Mommy and I slept very little last night and we didn't want a repeat tonight, so we (me, Mommy, Daddy, Gammy and Poppy) headed to Children's Outpatient Care Center, where we spent a good portion of our day.

Here are the details of what happened:

- Almost immediately upon arriving, a nurse tested my O2 Saturation in the waiting room. O2 sats were low. This brought back too many sad memories of my time in the NICU. The nurse then listened to my chest and heard a lot of wheezing.

- I went to an exam room and met the doctor. She, too, listened to my heart, lungs, belly, etc. and looked in my ears and throat. I have an ear infection in my right ear and my left ear canal looks red. I've never had an ear infection. No wonder I didn't sleep last night! She confirmed wheezing and ordered a breathing treatment.

- While waiting for that treatment, I was given an oral dose of Ibuprofen, which I spit back out all over Mommy. I ALWAYS take my medicine and vitamins with no problem. I was definitely not myself today!

- I was then given an oral dose of Prednisone, a steroid that would open my lungs. I also spit that out all over Mommy. A Prednisone injection was ordered.

- An RSV test was ordered. They stuck a catheter, which was at least a foot long, through my nose and down my throat to get nasal secretions. This was the worse thing EVER. I was not a happy camper, as you can imagine. The RSV test came back negative. THANK GOD! If it were to have come back positive, there is a good chance I would have been admitted due to the dangerous side effects I could suffer because of my still underdeveloped lungs and airway passage.

- I began my breathing treatment with Albuterol. I was hysterical and it took 3 people to restrain me and hold the mask on my face. After a minute or so of crying and Mommy and Daddy singing to me, I gave up and fell asleep for the remainder of the 10 minute treatment. Mommy and Daddy continued to sing. The nurses said they sang beautifully.

- While asleep, the nurse tried to sneak in the Prednisone injection. My thigh felt it and I woke up screaming.

- I went in for a chest x-ray. Mommy didn't go but Daddy and Gammy said I just laid there, strapped and weighed down, without making a peep. Chest x-ray came back clear. THANK GOD!!

- The Doctor checked my wheezing and still heard a decent amount. She ordered another breathing treatment. I took this one like a pro.

- I was sent home with an Rx for my ear infection and was told I wasn't contagious. I sure hope this is true because Noah and I are in the same house all weekend. I definitely don't want to get Noah sick.

If you would, please pray for me. Please pray that I get better soon (maybe even soon enough that I can attend Gammy's birthday party for a bit tomorrow) and that the breathing problems don't continue. I was born with Respiratory Distress Syndrome and am at high risk for some serious breathing issues, such as asthma. We definitely don't want this! Also, please pray for Noah and everyone else who has been around me that they don't get sick.

Oh, and can you please pray that I start to take my medicine. I spit my Motrin and my Amoxicillan (antibiotic) out tonight. My ears need to get better, so the antibiotic is especially important. PLEASE PRAY!!! Thank you!


Lori said...

Happy she was able to make it to the guys went thru a lot at the urgent care. Love ya Addie!

Brian and Katie said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon Addison! Avery has an ear infection too :( No fun! You are such a trooper! Get well soon!

All Things Considered said...

hope miss addison feels better soon - i'll be keeping her in my thoughts!