Sunday, May 17, 2009

Columbus Race for the Cure

Saturday was the Columbus Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Mommy was looking back at last years post about the Race and almost fainted when she realized how much has changed since then! This year we had a wonderful team supporting my Mommy. Mommy appreciated everyone waking up early and taking time out of their day to support her! There were over 45,000 participants this year! Weather forecasters were even calling for thunderstorms ALL DAY and the crowd still hit record numbers! Other than a few minutes of a very light mist, we had great weather. Silly meteorologists.

Our super duper team!

Me with Mommy and Daddy. I'm still trying to figure out why they woke me up so early.
Me and Gammy getting ready to head to the start line. Please take note of my awesome baby legs - a gift from Abby, David and Rae. Thank you!
Me and my cousin, Aaron, before the race.

You see all kinds of spectacles during the race. This pink dog was one of our favorite!
A bunch of supporters walking through downtown.

I was missing my morning nap and was getting a little sleepy towards the end. I didn't want to be in my stroller anymore. Daddy's shoulder was much more comfortable.... at least for me.

Sooooo sweet.
Dancing with Gammy as we get close to the finish line.
Walking through the survivor finish line with Mommy. Mommy says we are both survivors!
Me and Mommy after finishing the race.
What? Who said I was sleepy? There's nothing like a chocolate ice cream bar to liven up a sleepy head!


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Awesome pics! I love the one of her about to fall asleep on Dustin's shoulder-too sweet.