Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gammy's 60th Birthday Party

As you all probably saw in my post yesterday, my Gammy turned 60 years young yesterday. And my Grandma F. has a birthday today, by the way. Isn't that weird?!
I want to thank everyone for praying for me to get better from my scary stint of illness that we posted about. I am still improving, but am MUCH better than I was on Saturday. I was even feeling well enough to go to Gammy's birthday party for a little bit on Sunday. Mommy was so happy that I could attend because there were going to be a lot of people she wanted me to see. 73 people, in fact....comprised of family, friends and even my Grandma and Grandpa F. (who is family, I know, but on my Daddy's side). It's really nice that my Grandparents get along so well that they even attend one another's parties. I am one lucky little girl!
Mommy and my Aunts planned the party and with the help of other family members, we were able to pull off a wonderful party with lots of food and games! The party was held at a local park so there were many fun things! Grandpa F. and I had a blast on the playground.

And the food was delicious! A lot of people brought dishes to share, so there was A TON of food. Enough for several people to take home as leftovers!

Because I was still a little sick, Gammy made sure that I was getting my fluids, especially because I was hardly eating anything. Though Grandma F. was able to get me to eat a few pretzels!

I just wanted to show you that my eyes are as big and blue as ever, even when I am sick. :)

Well, as a result of the extra efforts to get some fluid, I ended up soaking my dress. I mean, it would have been fine. It was just water. It felt good, actually. But, you know, Mommy brought a few extra outfits and took the opportunity to use them. Introducing....another bubble! The picture is of me and my Grandmas, but you probably already knew that.

My Aunt Lori made these awesome collages with pictures of Gammy over the last 60 years.

I was pointing out all the people I knew in the pictures. Here I am pointing to a picture of Gammy and Poppy in their Santa hats from a previous Christmas.

This is my Great Grandpa who is turning 90 this year, eating with all the kids. Mommy took this picture, because this is not unusual. Grandpa LOVES his 50 something grandchildren and great grandchildren!

This is some of Poppy's family, including Poppy and my Aunt Beth.

My Gammy's friend, Victor, is a certified clown and knows how to make over 100 different balloon shapes. He was a huge hit!

He made dogs and flowers and hearts and airplanes (like the one my cousin, Michael, has below)

and funny hats, like the one my cousin, Daniel, is wearing.
He also made Gammy a funny hat that she wore while we all sang "Happy Birthday" to her.

And because we made Gammy wear the hat, she thought it would be funny to make me wear it.

Cousin, Noah, too!

As usual, hanging with the Aunt Beth was a highlight of the day.
I love holding hands with people and guiding them to where I want to go.
Did I mention that it was a scorcher outside? You may have been able to tell by all the sweaty children. Cousin Noah was so hot he had to take his clothes off.
Just checking things out and making sure the party is still going well.
Wearing my cousin, Nata's, sunglasses and holding a dog leash. Ironically, these are 2 of my favorite things - suhgasses and sheesh.
After a few hours of partying, I was starting to get pretty tired. So I said my goodbyes and gave Gammy one more birthday hug and kiss. Then, Grandma and Grandpa F. took me back to Gammy and Poppy's to put me to bed. That was soooo nice and helpful of them!

Apparently the party didn't stop once I left. The corn hole got even more competitive

and a big game of family kickball was played.
The following series of pictures are ones that Mommy took while Uncle Pat was roasting Gammy. Mommy just loves these pictures because it shows true, genuine happiness, which is just what Mommy was wishing for Gammy on her birthday.

Darkness fell and the party was still going on! Pictured are Gammy, 7 of her 8 siblings (Aunt Jan lives in heaven), and my Great Grandma. Great Grandpa can only take so much partying and was already home in bed.
Gammy had the best time at her party (she told me so) and I want to thank everyone who helped make it such a special day for her! I love you, Gammy!

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