Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Canadian Vacation - Day 2

Day 2 began with Grandpa taking the kids down to the dock that he has been building all summer.

Later that morning, we took Addison for some horse-back riding. Her horse was named, Thunder. This is her second time going horse-back riding. She rode Thunder for about 1/2 hour and seemed to love every minute of it!

We came home to find a little hummingbird on the garage floor. Dustin and his Dad thought it was dead until they picked it up and it began to move. So it wouldn't get eaten by a wild animal and to try to figure out what to do with the little thing (it was a female), they put her in a small container with brush. If you know me well, you know that I've become quite attached to my hummingbirds at home, so seeing this one just broke my heart. We thought/hoped that perhaps she was trapped in the garage all night and exhausted herself trying to get out. We decided to feed her some sugar water (what Hummingbirds eat) and see what happened. I was able to get her to eat, having to push her beak down to get to the water. It was amazing to actually see her drinking it from the lid of a baby food jar! We went fishing later that afternoon and came home to find the poor girl in the same condition - not moving and seemingly on her last leg. A couple of hours later, Dustin and I were lounging around reading and heard the sound of wings flapping. We looked over and found our girl trying to fly up and hitting the lid of the container. We took her outside, opened the lid completely, and OFF SHE FLEW!!!!! It was seriously nothing short of miraculous. It was the coolest thing...something I will always remember! We know she made it because she and her mate came back many times a day to eat from the bird feeder!

3 wheeling it with Daddy

We went out that evening for Addison's first fishing trip of the year.

Her first fish (that she and Daddy caught together). It was a young/small perch so we threw him back in.

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