Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love our neighbors!

This is a small sample of what happens when my neighbors snatch my daughter and camera (don't worry, they asked permission) from my house. Addison loves these kids so much and I really trust them with her (and my very nice camera), thank goodness!!!

As I went through these pictures, I couldn't help but laugh. There were definitely some good ones in there.

Our new neighbor, Madison, who along with her two sisters, has become very fond of Addison.

Random teeter totter in the front yard.

Kiernan is hilarious. He runs into his house when he hears Addison coming. She's not very sneaky about it, but rather, she yells his name the entire time she is running through our yard to their house. And then she wonders why he's no longer in the garage!

I truly think he secretly really likes her. Check this out....

He looks really annoyed....or embarrassed??

"Please get this little girl off of me! She has cooties!"

And then all of a sudden, it appears his mood has changed.

Oh, the beauty of young love!

You have to look closely and notice the hand holding. HILARIOUS!

Is he tickling her feet?

She's loving it!

I can't wait to show these to Addison when she is older!

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