Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fun with Noah and Grandpa's Birthday

Noah, Aunt Julie and Uncle Josh (Bailey and baby girl in Julie's belly, too) came to visit for the weekend. The photographer who usually takes our family pictures was going to be taking some maternity pictures for them and we were also going to be celebrating my Dad's 60th birthday. Julie and I did some grocery shopping Friday night and baked the cake. The next morning, after waking up BRIGHT and EARLY (Addison has a great deal of difficulty sleeping in, especially when we have guests), the kids got to decorating the cake for their Grandpa.

What a work of art!

After the cake was decorated, Julie and I took Addison and Noah to the State Park literally around the corner from our house so they could play in the sand and swim in the lake. The water was really warm and they had a great time!

During this time, Grandpa and Aunt Lori were in route to our house for the day. They made it in time to play with the kids at the lake for a bit before we had to head home for lunch.

We had a cookout for dinner, followed by the much anticipated (by the kids) cake!

Blowing out the candles

She always eats the icing first!

Noah says, "Go big or go home!"

We had a box of sparklers laying around so we thought it would be fun to use with the kids. It was a great idea until Noah touched the hot part of one and burned his finger. Ooops. Fortunately, he was okay and wanted to do more. He was probably more stunned than hurt.

Sunday, our photographer came over to take the maternity pictures and Chase's 6 month pictures. Can't wait to share those with you! Speaking of Chase, I'm so bummed we didn't get any pictures of him. He slept through all of these activities!

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The Goldmans said...

I love her apron & chef's hat, they are so cute on her, she looks like a natural :)