Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dayton - Wegerzyn Gardens

Sunday Morning, Addison and I met up with one of my best friends from the middle school/high school era, Holly, and her daughter Mia. Mia is just over 2 months younger than Addison (their due dates were a couple of weeks apart) and Holly and I have talked about getting them together for a play date for forever! I was so, so, so happy to finally have the chance to do so. We went to a great metropark in Dayton (actually the one where my Mom and Phil were married) called Wegerzyn Gardens. This park is really close to where Holly and I grew up, just a few houses apart. Both of our families have since moved so I hadn't been to that area of town in years.

I really wanted to check out Wegerzyn because I had read about a (relatively) new kids area that they'd built, where the kids could play in water, sand, a schoolhouse and even their very own garden. I did not leave disappointed. Not only did the park meet or exceed all my expectations, but we were in great company. Mia is just too beautiful for words and the girls became friends as soon as we stepped out of the car! Not to mention the wonderful conversations between Holly and I. We had A LOT to catch up on so our mouths were moving a mile a minute. It had been quite some time but we picked up right where we left off. Love friends I can do that with!

The girls meet and immediately hold hands. Mia was a little shy, but Addison took care of that!

And off they go!

Running out of the "caves"

Taking a refreshing break in the stream


Love how Addison has her arm around Mia!

A very large musical instrument

Sand table. There was a sand pit, too. We distracted them as we walked past it in hopes that they wouldn't want to go in. It worked!

Holly and I with our little sweethearts.

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