Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dayton - Arrival and Swimming pool

We spent a few days in Dayton before the end of my mom's (Gammy) summer break. The babies couldn't ask for anything better than to spend time with their Grandparents. Watching them interact, seeing the smiles on everyone's faces when we're together and, okay, I'll admit it, having an extra set or two of hands to help me are all great!

Addison got right to work reading to her animals and babies that live at Gammy's house. All except the pink one were mine. The blue baby is named Justin after my boyfriend in 4th grade!

We spent the afternoon at the Kettering pool. So much fun. They have a huuuuuuuuge aquatic complex, with a miiiiiiillion different pools. Addison especially enjoyed this particular slide.

See my hand in the picture above? Yeah, you won't be seeing that anymore. I was instructed by the little girl herself to "Stand back, Mommy. Stand waaaaaay far back." She wanted me far away while she performed her tricks.

Going down backwards was definitely her favorite!

Don't worry, she's not drowning. She'd go under and come right back up with a huge smile on her face.

Well, at first her face looked like this. But once she wiped the water from it and caught her breath, she was smiling!

Gammy and Chase watching Addison be a daredevil. From waaaaaaaaaaaaaay far back. :)

Gammy and the babies.

Addison was showing her how she goes under

and comes back up for air.

Chase loved the spraying whale.

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