Thursday, January 14, 2010


My mom and I were talking last night about all the cute things that Addison says. My mom said that, for her, one of the best parts of being a mother was listening to her children and the things they had to say. We talked about how pictures were so wonderful to look back on (for instance, I am amazed when I look at pictures from over the summer and realize that Addison hasn't always looked like she looks right now!) and how we wished there was a way to remember everything our children said.

Then today I was catching up on some friend's blogs and my friend, Kate, had documented some adorably hilarious things her daughter had said recently.

So with that, I have decided to start documenting some (a very small sample, I'm sure) of the cute things that Addison says. As her vocabulary and language continue to develop, I'm sure there are going to be many, many things I will want to remember. So, this is the first post of "Addieisms"!


In bed for the night (holding her baby in her arms) after a trip to Urgent Care:

A: You okay, baby?
Baby: no response
A: It's okay, baby.
A: It's okay, baby.
A: Shhh, it's okay, baby.

She then falls asleep

Addison comes in my room while I am on bed rest and hops in bed with me:

A: Wake up, Mommy. My help you.
Me: Oh honey, Mommy has to keep resting.
A: Mommy, my help you up.
Me: Okay, sweetie
A (lifting my arm and making sounds like it weighs 500 pounds): OOOOOOOOH, dere you go Mommy.
(I sit up)
A: Good job, Mommy.
Me: Thank you, sweetie.

Eats 9/10ths of something and says

A: No like, Mommy. It's lucky (yucky).

Last night during bedtime prayer:

A: Dear Jesus, Thank you for blessing families, friends. You go, Mommy.
Me: Dear Lord, Thank you for blessing our families and friends and the food that we eat. Please bless all the babies in the world, including baby Chase. Thank you for keeping us healthy and happy and please watch over us tonight as we sleep. Amen. Your turn, Addison.
A: Deeeeeeeear Jesus. Deeeeeeeeear Lord. Deeeeeeeeear Santa. Amen. Mommy turn.

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