Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years Day 2010

Happy New Year! We have a lot to look forward to this year (namely, introducing a little brother to the family) and are so very blessed. Oh, and Addison has now lived in 2 different decades, which I think is cool. :)

We came home from Cleveland early on New Years Day to prepare for a small get-together we were having at our house with out-of-town friends and to watch the OSU in the Rose Bowl.

We were thrilled to have Stephen and Carrie in town from Maryland and Jonathan and Mandy from Cincinnati. (Dustin swam with the guys in college and they remain two of his best friends.) We were also to have David, Abby and Raegan over but Raegan came down with pink eye so only David made it (with some excellent Kielbasa and Sauerkraut, I must add!)

We were having a lot of fun, until the littlest one of the bunch suffered a bit of an accident. She and one of the other party-goers were having the best time playing when all of a sudden, Addison's squeals of laughter turned to screeches of horror! Daddy quickly scooped her up and she stopped crying, but then we noticed the bleeding.

I, not being one bit alarmed (because toddlers get hurt and then they get over it, especially my tough cookie of a daughter), remained in my comfy position on the couch. Then someone exclaimed that her foot was bleeding and when I looked over, I saw blood on Addison, Dustin and Jonathan. It was a lot of blood for one little sized 6 foot!

Someone brought her to me to assess the damage, but it turns out Mommy doesn't do so well when her daughter is injured, so other people had to look further into the situation (while Daddy ran to get me a glass of OJ before I passed out!)

Our little cookie hung in there and barely made a whimper. She was much stronger than myself!

Jonathan was definitely magical in making everything all better. I'm guessing Addison either sensed the paternal side of him (he has two girls 2 and under at home), knew he worked in an operating room, or thought he was just plain entertaining. Whatever it was, it did the trick and she was completely content sitting with him while I made some calls to the pediatrician and hospital trying to come up with a game plan. We even had our next door neighbor (who is an ER nurse) come over to give us her opinion!
Jon and Mandy (they clearly have plenty of experience handling an injured 2 year old!)
Another thing that definitely helped take her mind off the pain was a great gift from Stephen and Carrie. They brought her a matching game (because they couldn't just bring baby boy a gift and leave Addison out!) The game is a hit, especially since it incorporates two of her favorite books ever - "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?" and "Panda Bear, Panda Bear What Do You See?". Thanks, guys!

Notice the bandaging changed from the previous pictures. She was bleeding through everything we tried! I knew it was then time to head to Urgent Care and have a professional look at it. Plus, it was nearing 6:30 and the Children's Urgent Care was only open until 7. If we missed them, we'd be stuck in the ER. No, thank you!

We were in and out of Urgent Care in 20 minutes. Addison came home with 3 stitches and an orange popsicle. She did great, except when they were giving her the shots to numb the area.

She was fine the rest of the evening, slept through the night, and though we do hear about her ouchie on a daily basis and she reminds us to "be careful" whenever putting on socks, pants, sleepers, shoes, etc., she isn't even fazed!

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