Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas at Gammy and Poppy's house

After we opened gifts at our house, we hopped in the car (Addison didn't even have time to get out of her PJ's) and headed down to Dayton. We had a nice lunch and put Addison down for a nap while I tried to re-energize for all the partying yet to be done!
After Addison's nap, some of Phil's (Poppy) siblings came by for a visit. Addison doesn't see this part of the family often but welcomed them with open arms, as usual. Her way of asking who someone is is so cute. She does it with an open question. She points and says, "This is....?" Love it! She re-learned their names quickly, sang for them and definitely put on a show.

She and Uncle Rob sported their Santa hats.

Her best buddy, Noah, arrived from Cleveland with Julie, Josh (and Bubba's best buddy, Bailey) and the party was officially ON!
We finally changed Addison out of her PJ's (at 3pm!) and more gifts were unwrapped.

Noah wanted to wear a red bow like Addies!

They could pass as twins, don't ya think?

Sadly, this is the only picture of Gammy and Addison together.
Being so busy and running from place to place, I took my photographer hat off for a while. But, we did manage to get a couple of Addison with her Grandpa S.

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