Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Big Girl Bed

I've been meaning to write about Addison's transition from crib to big girl bed for over a month now. At first, I kept forgetting (with the holidays and all) and being on bed rest for the past 3 weeks hasn't allowed me to be up and about to make her bed in order to capture a decent picture. Lucky for us (sarcasm), Addison puked in her bed the other night, which forced us to change the sheets. Not that I don't change her sheets often, just not usually more than once a week!

This evening, Dustin put her regular set of sheets back on and did a nice job making her bed. I will say that making the bed look "neat" with those guard rails that make my eyes want to bleed very sore is a challenge! And somehow, the minimal amount of loveys, animals, and blankets that were once in her crib seem to be multiplying now that she is in a big girl bed, which makes for a little bit of a "messy look". :)

So, it was December 20th that we made the change, very much on a whim. For the previous few weeks, she had been climbing out of her pack-n-play anytime she was sleeping elsewhere. She spent the weekend of the 18th-20th with her grandparents and performed the Houdini act at both naps and bedtime each day.

Though she hadn't climbed out of her crib yet, she had made a couple of feeble attempts, so we figured it wouldn't be long before she really learned to do it. In addition, we were thinking of moving her out of the crib before the new baby arrived to make for an easier transition (and so we could re-use her crib mattress!) Fortunately, her crib was convertible and makes for a beautiful full size bed. Even better, the manufacturer of her crib bedding (Dwell Studio) also makes duvet covers for beds, so we didn't have to make a single change to her room decor.

She's done well in her new bed and has only come into our room once (which scared me half to death, but was incredibly sweet because I woke to her happy little voice saying "Hi, Mommy!" And it was 6:30am, so at least it wasn't that unreasonable!)

She has also stopped going to the potty in her bed (like she was doing in her crib), but now has a major obsession with panties - meaning when she is wet she calls out for us and wants a new pull-up/diaper. Sometimes she does this even when she isn't wet because she isn't happy with what she has on (i.e. she wants a Dora pull-up instead of her Elmo diaper or a Princess pull-up instead of Dora.) I've never seen a girl so picky about her undergarments! She also calls out for us when she has to poop, which is great because she has been consistently going on the potty for weeks now, but it does sometimes interrupt her/our sleep. I am sure once she is completely potty-trained, things will be better. In the meantime, we're very happy with how easily she has transitioned.

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