Friday, July 3, 2009

Music Class

We attend music class every Friday morning. We've been doing this since Addison was 6 months old and it's always been one of the highlights of our week. The entire 15 minute drive there is spent singing in preparation for class. As soon as the car goes into park, Addison chants "Music class! Music class!" We walk up the stairs of the preschool where class is held and she runs into the room, waves and smiles at the other children, and sits down.

She loves the 30 minutes we spend singing and playing with different instruments more than I ever would have imagined. I get so much satisfaction from seeing how much enjoyment she gets from the class.

Dustin had the day off Friday and was able to come see for himself just how much she loves the class. Addison was so proud to have him on "her turf"!

The very, very best part of class is the end when Addison gets her "la la stamps". She shows everyone, strangers included, her stamps the whole rest of the day. She points to her hand and says "la la". She also gets stamps at Gym class and calls those "la la stamps", too!

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