Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The 4th of July Parade

Our township starts the 4th of July with a 4 mile race, followed by a parade and ending with a concert. We were on vacation last year and were happy to be in town this year to check out the festivities. We arrived to the parade (which went through an intersection 1/2 mile down the road from our house) equipped with a stroller for Addison, her baby, plenty of 4th of July bling, beverages, sunscreen, snacks, etc. We immediately felt like amateurs when we realized that 99% of the parade-goers were lounging streetside in chairs. They all looked so comfortable and I was jealous. Addison didn't seem the care, either way. She was just enjoying saying hi to everyone and waving her American Flags.

We had some time before the parade was going to get to our area, so Dustin went home for some chairs while Addison and I stayed.

Addison eventually wanted out of her stroller so she could go be the little social butterfly that she is. She loved watching all the people.

Daddy came back with our chairs (thank you, Daddy!) and we heard from people up the street that the parade was coming our way! We took some photos while we waited.

You can see the front of the parade, led by a police car, behind us.

Addison had so much fun. She clapped so much, I'm surprised her little palms weren't bright red!

There was a lot of candy being pelleted gently thrown at us, especially by the younger children in the parade who thought it would be fun to hurl ever-so-kindly hand hard pieces of candy to a young toddler. We encouraged Addison to give away her candy and she gladly obliged. I must say, she is the sweetest, most generous 19 month old I've ever seen when it comes to sharing.

(Notice that in lieu of candy, Addison munched on Veggie Chips). That's my girl!

No, I take that back. This is my girl! She loved the Hooters stickers that the friendly, barely-dressed Hooters girls gave her. Classy.


Cristi said...

Hooters girls in a parade, now thats funny! Seriously she is so precious! and Your hair looks great!

Lori said...

Oh, I have to love the outfit....I am thinking I got that outfit for her:)