Thursday, July 2, 2009


Fairly recently, we joined a new playgroup on Thursdays. We love it, but it is rather crazy! There are often upwards of 20 kids running around the home of the brave soul hosting that particular week. (This will change in the fall as we revamp things a bit).
Today was our day to host and as you can imagine, I was scared! I decided to give my house a little break and host at a park. Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn't cooperate and we ended up gathering at my house. Lucky for us, our playgroup was much, much smaller than usual with only 6 little ones. There were actually a couple of times that you could hear a cricket chirp (you know, if I had crickets living in my house). It was a nice change and once everyone left, I was down on hands and knees admiring my still clean house and praising the playgroup Gods for the smaller group today!
We have a little crush going on in playgroup!
Little hams, these 3!

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