Friday, July 10, 2009

Softball Game

Addison and I went to cheer for Dustin during his Softball Playoff game.

Addison said hi to everyone she knew (and didn't know).
If you look closely, you might notice her filthy dress and leggings. They got that way when she fell off the bleachers face first onto the dirt slid into home plate, scoring the winning run.
Everywhere she goes, her baby goes. Her innate abilities to nurture at such a young age is incredible. (Tonight she slapped her grilled cheese against her plate and then proceeded to kiss it and say "sorry".)
Dustin up to bat.
There's that Adam Lambert expression, again!
She was covered in dust by the time we were leaving, so I stripped her down to her diaper (and bow). She thought it was really funny and was making me laugh the whole way home. I couldn't decide which of these pictures were my favorite, so I included them all.

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