Thursday, July 9, 2009

The coolest park ever - cont'd


Firefighter Addison

Addison and Noah in Fire Chief car

Fire Chief Addison

Addison in police car and Noah in fire chief car (in background)
The prettiest jailbird I ever did see!

Noah had visitation rights

The prettiest girl on a swing I ever did see!

She loves the swing

This is one of her new expressions. We think she watched too much of Adam Lambert on American Idol. Keep an eye out, you will probably see it in other pictures.

Addison and Noah riding the front of the train


Lori said...

Julie and Noah WILL be taking me to the park next time I go to Cleveland (and you and Addie can join) ...So cool...Imagine OT there! Thanks for sharing:)

Noah said...

Cousin Addison when will you come back to visit me again and go to the park again? I miss you! LOVE YOU!