Thursday, September 16, 2010

Second week of school

Addison had another good week at school. Tuesday was a little iffy as she told me she "didn't do nothin' " while there for 3 hours (though I finally got from her that they finger painted) and as soon as we got home, had a very uncharacteristic meltdown. When, I dropped her off, she ran right in and started putting together a puzzle with her teacher, but by pick up time, I don't think she was feeling the best. She barely ate lunch and went down for her nap an hour earlier than usual.

Today was much better. As her teacher put her in the car (pick-up is curbside), she started with the details of her day:

A: Mommy, I made blue Fluvver.
M: You made a blue flower?!?!
A: No, blue fluvver.
M: Blue fluffer?
M: Oh! Blue flubber?
A: Yes, Mommy!

Indeed, she did make blue flubber. We came home, had lunch, and then she wanted to play with it. She made a turtle and then, a cat. She told me that's what they were and they actually looked like it. I swear I didn't touch the stuff. I am not sure how she created these herself, but I personally think it's pretty amazing. Coincidental? Maybe. But, still, amazing.

The making of the turtle.....

The making of the cat....

Yes, I know the cat doesn't have legs and at second glance, it kind of looks like a mouse. But, I still think she's awesome! Later this afternoon, she was on the phone with my mom (Gammy) and the. same. exact. conversation ensued. I then tried to get her to say "Flubber" and she demanded "My teacher said FLUVVER!!!!!" I know she can say it the correct way, and think it is really cute that she was pronouncing it the way she interpreted it and was getting frustrated with us for saying it "the wrong way"!

I asked her what book she read, knowing from the September calendar that I was given, that they were reading Little Miss Spider At Sunny Patch School.
A: It was about a bug.
M: Was it about a Spider?
A: Yes!
M: Neat! Did you sit on your mat for circle time?
A: I couldn't see.
M: Why couldn't you see?
A: "Sit on the carpet and you will be able to see better..." (quoting her teacher, I assume)
M: Where were you sitting?
A: At the table.
M: Why didn't you sit on the carpet?
A: Because I wanted to sit at the table so I could take my friend's toys.

Oh, how I wish I could be a fly on the wall!

And one more...
A: Mommy, I got hit in the face. Matthew hit me in the face.
M: Oh, sweetie. Was it an accident?
A: Yes.
M: Did he say he was sorry.
A: Yes.
M: Did you cry?
A: Yes, I cried because aren't there.
M: Well, I am sure the teachers made you feel better.
A: No. I cried because you aren't with me.
M: Yes, baby, but Mommy can't be with you at school. School is a special place for you and your friends.
A: Where are your friends, Mommy?
M: My friends are at their homes.
A: You don't have any friends, Mommy.
M: Yes I do! (picking my self esteem off the floor...he he) Emily is my friend. (my best friend, Emily, is currently in town but not present during this conversation)
A: No you don't. Emily is not outside. I have friends and I will give you one. (proceeds to name pretty much every single kid in our neighborhood)

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