Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lynd's Fruit Farm

We made our first trip of the season to Lynd's Fruit Farm. Our first stop was the barrel train ride. I was excited to see it up and running because Addison enjoyed it so much last year. The ride this year was another hit, except at the end when she came around the corner shouting, "I'm done, Mommy. I'm done. I'M DOOOOOOONE!" So, maybe it was only a half hit.

Chase will be able to ride next year!

Waving hi to Daddy and Chase.

After the barrel train, we were joined by good friends, Kate and Anthony. After doing some shopping for fresh fruit, veggies, bread and the best apple butter you will ever taste (if you're lucky enough!), we went on a wagon ride to pick some apples.

Today, we picked McIntosh apples.

Addison dug right in!

Anthony helped Chase pick his first apple, too!

Chase was interested in the leaves a little more than the apples.

Until he got his gums on one!

Yum yum for the baby.


Cristi said...

Great pictures. Your kids are still adorable! What fun. I wish we could go pick apples. lol Not in Louisiana! Guess I'll have to stick to crawfishing. Just kidding, I've never been crawfishing. :)

Little Bits of Fun said...

We were there too!!! We went in the morning...too bad we missed you guys! :)