Thursday, September 30, 2010

8 months old - Chase

Dear Chaser Boy,

You are now 8 months old...I can't believe it!
(I wasn't even going to try to put this 6-9 month onesie on you!)

You are still my little baby and have a lot of the baby characteristics, but you are growing up so quickly and gaining maturity with each passing minute.

Here's the latest:

You are over 22 pounds, according to our scale at home, and wear mostly sized 12-18 month or 18 month clothes. You can still wear some 12 months. You wear size 3 diapers but we only have a few left, so it's only a matter of a couple days and you will be in size 4. You do wear size 4 overnight diapers.

Because you outgrew your infant seat at 7 months old, you now sit in a big boy car seat (convertible). It's the same as your sissy's, but rear facing. You think it's soooo cool that you can look over and see her now! You ADORE your sissy. You laugh so hard at her and inhale when doing so, as if you are trying to catch your breath.

You sleep 12-13 hours at night (you go down at 6pm, just like Addison did when she was your age) and take 3-4 hours worth of naps each day. You sleep on your tummy 99.9% of the time. Of course, I follow the rules and lay you down on your back, but you immediately roll over to sleep. And speaking of rolling, you are finally an expert at rolling. It's your main mode of transportation now and boy can you get going. I'll look away for a minute and you'll be clear across the room! You've done a teeny bit of scooting, so I think crawling is just around the corner.

You are still a wonderful eater, eating 3 meals a day and taking about 20 oz. of formula. We weened you this month and you are taking all formula now. It was a little hard on me to stop breastfeeding, but I had to in preparation for an upcoming surgery. You didn't seem to mind the change. My easy babe. :)

This month, you tried a few new foods - black beans, green beans, chick peas, and cantaloupe. You also got your first two teeth (the two middle bottom ones) and your first cold. Addison brought some germs home from school and kindly shared them with you. Get used to it!

I think your eyes have officially changed color. I would say they're green, though every once in a while they look gray or hazel.

You are starting to reach up to be held and are starting to wave. You open and close your fist at your side. Sometimes you'll do it with your hand in front of you.

You're still the happiest guy ever and have made having a second child as easy as it could be for me!

Your sissy wanted one more picture with you!

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