Friday, September 10, 2010

Preschool Update

Addison completed her first week of preschool! She had her second day (first day without parents) yesterday. I was so worried about how she would do.

I dropped her off and she walked right over to color with Shelby. We were advised not to stick around too long, so I said goodbye (about 16 times because she wasn't even acknowledging me!) and told her I would be back once Chase (who was in my arms) woke from his nap. She finally said "Bye, Mommy" and I left.

3 hours later, I went to get her. Pickup is curbside so I knew I wouldn't have much of a chance to ask her teachers how she did until I drop her off next Tuesday. As Mrs. Reed was putting her in the car, I asked how she did and Mrs. Reed said, "GREAT!" I said, "She didn't cry?" and Mrs. Reed said, "Not at all. She had a wonderful time and was such a sweetheart!" Whew, I was very relieved!

She got in the car and started telling me all about it. First, she pulled out her craft which was a little (yellow, imagine that!) cut-out person that she decorated with stickers. Then she told me about snack and a very fast slide!

Next, she told me that Mrs. Reed said, "Please keep the sand in the sand table!" and then proceeded to tell me that she "didn't do it because it's too hard, so I made a mess."

Throughout the day, I heard 3 new songs. One was a song about washing hands, another about cleaning up and a third that I can't quite make out, but it includes names of kids in the class so I am assuming it's a welcome or goodbye song.

Later in the afternoon, out of the blue, Addison told me that "Myla cried and the teacher had to hold her." I asked her why Myla was sad and she said "She got hit in the face." She then told me that she was the one that hit Myla in the face, but "it's okay, Mommy". I didn't believe her because 1) she has never hit anyone before and 2) I don't think Mrs. Reed would have told me that she did so wonderfully if she had hurt another child. I then told Addison that it is NEVER okay to hit anyone and she agreed and told me she didn't hit her, but that Myla fell on a stick. She also told me that Donovan hit his face on a stick and she hugged him and made it all better. My guess is that Myla cried for her Mommy and Donovan fell on a stick. I think I'll ask her teachers on Tuesday because I'm curious to know what part of her story was real. Either way, I was cracking up almost all day listening to her talk about school!

I think it's going to be a great year! Now if only she could ride the bus with her friends in the neighborhood....

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