Friday, September 17, 2010

Letter from Addison's teachers

I received a letter today from Addison's teachers about this week in school and definitely want to include it here for keepsake purposes:

This week went very well. We are all getting into our new routines nicely. It is awesome how well your children are adapting to our classroom. They are all such special individuals.

This week we spent time talking about how we are all unique but all special. The things we all have in common and what we don't. We made puzzle pieces with our hand prints and talked about what is alike and different about them. They were all measured and we will see how they grow throughout the year. On Thursday (our science day) we made
flubber which was a big hit. Did they all show you the flubber they got to bring home? They love music and we are learning lots of fun new songs. Some of them really have some great dance
moves :)

The next couple of weeks we will be talking about apples leading up to the apple farm trip. If your child cannot eat apples, cinnamon or brown sugar please let us know as we are planning to taste a variety of apples and decide which we like best. We will be graphing these results and learning about graphs. We are also planning to make applesauce next Thursday.

If you are planning to make a scholastic book order those are due September 24

Have a great weekend and thank you for letting us enjoy being a part of your child's lives.

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