Friday, September 10, 2010

Addison's fears

Over the past few months, Addison has become fearful of several things. From talking to other mothers, it seems that this is a pretty common thing developing in the toddler years. Some of them seem to be more serious than others. Some have caused inconveniences, while others are more minor. Examples are:

- Thunder and lightening (Storms during nap or bedtime were my worst enemy this summer!)
- Smoke detector, namely the one right over her bed. This has forced her to sleep furthest from the smoke detector in about 1/10 of her bed and smashed up against the bed rail. Not to mention the 500,000 questions about the object - what is that? why is it there? will it hurt me? do you have one in your room? does (insert name here) have one in his/her room? etc. etc.
- Vacuum Cleaner
- Trucks and other construction equipment (we have a lot of building going on in our neighborhood)
- Ceiling Fans (She doesn't have one in her room so when she sleeps in a room with them, it keeps her awake. I think it's more of way to delay sleep!)
- Lawn mowers

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