Thursday, January 6, 2011

My funny little girl and the things she says!

After school on Tuesday....

Addie: Mommy, Mrs. Ramsey asked me to put a bubble in my mouth. (This is something the teachers use to get the kids to be quiet. They puff out a cheek with air, as if there is a bubble in their mouth.)

Mommy: Why? Were you talking when you were supposed to be listening?

Addie: Yes. But Mommy, Shelby was talking.

Mommy: Addie, just because your friends aren't following directions doesn't mean you are allowed to do the same. You need to always do as your teachers say.

Addie: But Shelby kept asking me what Lily's (the new girl in class) name was. I kept saying, "Lily", and she kept asking me.

Mommy: I understand, sweetie. Next time, just put your finger over your lips to help Shelby remember that she shouldn't be talking.

Addison: Okay, Mommy. I will.

On our way to soccer....

Addie: Mommy, look at that big hill. We can't drive our car up that big hill. Maybe we can ride our bike up that big hill. Let's think a minute. How else can we get up that big hill? (taps her chin with finger) We can walk. We can run. We can (gets louder) SKIP. WE CAN HIKE. (louder) OOOOOOH, I KNOW, MOMMY! WHEN WE GO TO CANADA, (louder) WE CAN GET THE HORSE (breathes and swallows) AND RIDE IT BACK HERE (louder) AND IT WILL TAKE US UP THAT BIG HILL!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy: That's a great idea, Addie, but I think that would be a really long ride for the horse. Maybe we can find a hill to ride up in Canada.

Addie: Yes, Mommy. That would be a greeeeeeaaaaat idea.

(a good solid minute of silence - very unusual)

Addie: Mommy?

Mommy: Yes?

Addie: Mommy. I am very sorry for screaming in the car. Let me say it in a lower voice. (repeats everything she said about the horse and the hill in a whisper)

Mommy: Oh, it's okay sweetie. I know you were just excited about your wonderful idea. You don't need to apologize for that.

(SERIOUSLY...where does she get it?!?!?)

Also on our way to soccer...

Addie: Mommy, if Aaron (her cousin who is in soccer with her) tries to push me away when I try to hug him, will you please hold him for me so I can hug him?

Mommy: Sure, honey. But, I don't think he'll push you.

Addie: Yes he will, Mommy. And if he pushes me, I will say "Aaron, please don't push me. I don't like it." and if he doesn't listen, I will tell an adult. Like you or Aunt Kaffy (Kathy) or Coach Chad or a Fireman....


She calls wrinkles "strings" and points them out on everyone (embarrassing!) and puckers her lips to try to make them herself. "Look at my strings, Mommy!