Monday, January 10, 2011

Little Miss Self Sufficient

Yesterday morning, I woke at 7:40am to find Addie in her room, all lights on, completely dressed head to toe (LITERALLY!) and brushing her teeth. She had on her panties, tunic dress, leggings, socks, hat and Dora slippers. Everything was put on the correct way, coordinated perfectly and I was very impressed with how well she was brushing her teeth. We usually brush them for her to ensure a thorough cleaning, but I'm going to let her start doing most of it!

Sneaking up on her...

She's been very interested in dressing herself (and picking out her own outfits, which isn't always a good thing!) lately. She must do this all very quietly because I sleep through it. It scares me that she might get hurt getting into things all by herself, but all my attempts at stopping this behavior have failed. So, I guess I'll just start praying!

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Julie said...

Hannah dresses herself every day....the one thing to watch out with this is when they decide to change outfits throughout the day. One day she had 3 different outfits on, and still ended the day naked in a tutu.... We find clothes all over the house; maybe 1/2 makes it to her hamper, so hopefully Addie is better for you!!