Thursday, January 27, 2011

This week in the Green Room

Hello Parents,

It is so hard to believe January is over and the next time we see your kids it will be February! Special thanks to Donovan and Griffen (and parents) for being the Special Students of the week!
Next week it will be Shelby in the am and Cooper in the PM.

Our letter of the week is L. Keep the items coming. The kids love to get up and talk about each item that begins with the letter of the week.

On Tuesday of this week we had our music teacher, Miss Becky, come in for the first time. The kids loved it and we are very happy that this will be something we get to enjoy every month. She is great with the kids and they loved that she played the guitar.

We studied and talked about penguins this week. We talked about how they take care of their egg while it is waiting to hatch. We even practiced "waddling" with an egg between our legs (this was hysterical). We talked about how penguins live and keep each other warm. Ask your child what they can tell you about penguins. We read several informative books on Penguins to the class. We counted, painted, acted like and made our very own penguins with a bow tie and top hat!

As always thanks for sharing your children with us and thank you for your support with the pizza sales. The money earned from this is what allows us to have enrichment programs like music and art.

We will be going outside weather permitting so please make sure kids have boots and hats/mittens. We also need you to make sure they always have an extra set of clothes and or underwear in book bags in case of accidents. Lastly, when packing snacks, please make sure they are healthy snacks and no peanut butter snacks are allowed due to allergies. Thanks again!

Have a fantastic weekend.

Together We Teach,
Sara and Michelle

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