Saturday, January 22, 2011


Chase had Cow's milk (Organic Whole Milk) for the first time today AND LOVED IT. Our pediatrician called yesterday to ask me something completely unrelated (about Addie, actually) and while I had him on the phone I took the opportunity to see if it was okay to switch Chase to regular milk. I knew at a year, he would give me the go ahead to do this (like he did with Addie), but our one year well check isn't for a couple weeks. I was running low on formula and had no desire to buy another carton so I was planning on switching him to milk, anyway, figuring a week wouldn't make a difference. Dr. B concurred and advised not to buy anymore formula. YAY!!! I realize this means that Chase is becoming a toddler (sad), but I am ecstatic not to have to spend another dime on that stinky, expensive formula!

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