Monday, October 25, 2010

This week in the Green Room

Hi All,
This week we celebrated Halloween in the green room. On Tuesday we read Courdoroy's Halloween and made ghosts out of cotton balls. We also put faces on pumpkins. On Thursday we read Froggy's Halloween and did our science experiment. We opened up a pumpkin and discussed that there are pulp and seeds inside. We then made our own pumpkin and put pulp (ribbon) and seeds inside as well.
We are so proud of your children. They are learning so much already. They are doing very well with saying the Pledge of Allegiance and learning the words to many of our songs. Ask them to sing the "days of the week" song for you. If you want to really be impressed--ask them to do the "preschool flip" for you. This is how they put their own jackets on and many of them have already got it down.
On Tuesday of this next week we will have our fire fighter visit. We will take pictures. The kids will all have a chance to get inside the truck but only if they would like so don't worry if you think you little one will be afraid. It is a great day and they learn a lot about fire safety.
Thursday is our Halloween party. The party will be from 10:30-11:10 for the morning class and 2:30-3:10 for the afternoon class. The parade will start just after the end of the party. Please remember to keep the costumes simple to put on since we have very little time for our party (we have something very neat to make) and only 5 minutes to get into costumes before the parade. It is a very fun day and we would love to have parents attend!!
Have a great weekend and again thank you for sharing your little ones with us.
Together we teach,

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