Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

For anyone who lives in the Central Ohio region, you have to check out Leed's Farm. We went today for some pumpkins and it is awesome. They have zip lines, a "pumpkin" trampoline, a barrel train, pedal carts, slides, forts, tubes to roll in, animals, a HUGE corn could spend a half day enjoying all the activities the farm has to offer. Due to naps, we only had about 30 minutes to explore the farm before closing time, so we didn't have a chance to do much. We attempted the trampoline, which Addison ended up being scared of (it's REALLY big), and went on some of the tunnel slides before going on our pumpkin hunt. If we have a chance to go back this year, we'll definitely do it!

We managed to find the two cutest pumpkins in the patch!

Addison really liked the little pumpkins. We came home with 4 of them. She asked all night if we could eat it. Looks like I'm going to be cooking up some pumpkin tomorrow.

I want that one, Mommy!

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Cathy and Marshall said...

Kristi, both of your kids are so cute! Looks like you guys had a really fun time. Addison looks so much like you in these pictures, I think!