Monday, October 25, 2010

Faith's Baptism

Sweet little Faith Ann was baptized this weekend. We went to Cleveland for this special celebration and especially enjoyed the family time that was involved. I just can never get enough time with my family and I hope my children feel the same way as they grow up. As of now, I know they do!

As we were walking into church, we were asked if Noah and Addison were twins. Another woman saw them loving on each other and said "Awwww, that's the cutest thing I've ever seen!" You have to admit they are pretty sweet!

Addison is our natural born leader. She is always taking her friends/cousins/peers by the hand and asking them to follow her or come with her. She doesn't do it in a bossy way, but is very persuasive. (Noah, Addie and Noah's cousin, Taylor)

Daddy and Chase

Faith being baptized.

Addison being baptized. Ha! She is ALL ABOUT holy water.

Faith with her parents and Godparents.

Our family.

Aunt Julie, Uncle Josh and their two angels.

Gammy and one princess.

Gammy and her other princess.

The princess with Gammy and Poppy.

And here comes the Prince...fresh from his afternoon nap!

I love this picture. It shows Chase's personality so much!

Chase and his Godmother, Aunt Lori.

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