Monday, October 11, 2010

Family Reunion

Sunday was such a fun day at our reunion on the family farm. It was 87 degrees, which is HOT for October in Ohio.

Aaron and Addison spent a lot of time riding on the little tractor

And then Addison found the big tractor and was immediately obsessed. She loves everything about makeup, dresses, bows, dolls, etc. but is also a tomboy. Versatile, I like to call it. :)

Uncle Don took everyone out on a hayride. I stayed back because the littlest munchkin was napping.

The kids also decorated swag bags (HA!). Addison came home with so much loot - notebook, sillybandz, spider craft, purse, balls, bath toy, frisbee, jewelry, etc. Chase got some of the same and a couple of rattles (he LOVES rattles). The adults got canvas bags filled with more swag....lotions, jewelry, coffee. It was all personalized and so neat. Aunt Ann really thought of it all!

Grandpa started off by pulling 2 kids around in the wagon, then 3, then 4, and eventually 5! He did 4 loops around the house. What a good Grandpa!

This was right before heading home and we were hot, sweaty messes by this point but Chase had finally woken from his nap so we had to get a family picture with him!

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