Thursday, October 21, 2010

Picture Day

Today was picture day at school. Addison likes to....let's say...."cheese it" when prompted to smile in front of the camera so I thought a little practice this morning might help. Of course I haven't seen the product from today, so how cheesy she got remains to be seen!

Not too bad.

Someone forgot it's just a school picture, not a modeling shoot.

A: "Mommy, let's move over in front of the plant."
M: "Okay sweetie, say cheese."

M: "Okay, now turn your head more toward me."

M: "But remember to smile when you do that."

M: "Look at the camera, sweetie."

M: "Great, but don't look down."

M: "Ooops, now you're looking too far up."

M: "Addison, can you please smile AND look at the camera?"


Julie said...


Sounds (and looks) a lot like what I get from Hannah!

Cristi said...

That post made me laugh. She is just adorable.