Thursday, May 20, 2010


Getting Addison out of bed in the morning

A: Where's daddy?
M: He's at work, honey.
A: Oh, where's grandma?
M: In the shower. How about you say "hi momma, it's nice to see you this morning".
A: Can you hold me? (expecting my answer to be no because I can't pick her up yet.)
M: Yes, of course. Let's get in your chair.
A: OHHH, that would be GREAT!
(We sit down) A: Hi momma. Nice to see you morning.


Put Addison down for a nap and forgot Wrigley was under the bed. Went to her room to get him. I had just eaten a handful of goldfish. She smelled it on my breath and asked, "What do you have in your mouth?" I opened it to show her it was empty and said "Nothing." And she says, "I want some goldfish!"


While Addison was acting her usual animated self at dinner one night:

Me: Addison, I'm going to put you in acting classes, okay?
Addison: (gasp) Ahhh, YOU AAARRRRRRRRRE?


The next two aren't really "isms", but it just goes to show how perceptive Addison is.

Addison and Dustin were giving Chase a bath. Chase spit up on Dustin's shirt. Addison, unprompted, went into our bedroom, pulled open Dustin's t-shirt drawer and brought him a clean shirt. I have no idea how she knew his shirts were in that drawer and think it's pretty amazing that she thought to do that in the first place!

My mother-in-law was in Chase's room opening a new box of diapers. Addison came back with a pair of (sharp) scissors that she retrieved from one of my bathroom vanity drawers. She knew those scissors were there. They have since been moved to a high shelf in our linen closet!

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