Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day was twice as nice this year thanks to my brood multiplying by 2! Addison painted me a sign (pictured above) and Dustin cooked up some yummy french toast and fresh strawberries.

Dustin got himself The kids gave me a remote control. Actually, it's really nice. It's an all-in-one and makes operating all our electronic components much easier. They also gave me a new, beautiful, shiny...MacBook Pro, which was subsequently returned. I am notorious for returning really nice gifts that Dustin takes the effort and spends time he doesn't have to get me. Don't get me wrong, I love all the gifts he gets me, but I just have a really hard time keeping them because I know the money could be used in a more practical manner. I really, really, really do want the MacBook, but I figure by the time I actually get around to using it (if that would ever happen...I mean, life isn't getting any less busy!), they will come out with something better. Thanks, honey, for being so sweet!

Our attempt at a picture of me with my TWO precious children.

I was lucky enough to celebrate this special day with my Mom, as well, as she and Phil were up visiting/helping out that weekend. The girls went to church while the men stayed home with a napping Chase. It was a very nice morning. Addison is such a good girl in church. She always does something that makes us giggle, like loudly bless someone when they sneeze or point out that someone is coughing. This week, she thought our deacon was Jesus. We sat in the front row and she kept pointing at him saying, "Look, there's Jesus!"
She loves to do the sign of the cross (though she mostly does it with her left hand) and is obsessed with Holy Water. She often blesses herself with her water (or milk) when we are sitting down for a meal.
Mom, Me and the kiddos.
I hope every mother, mother figure, Godmother, and mother-to-be had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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Lori said...

Thank you for allowing me to be Chase's Godmother. :)