Saturday, May 29, 2010

A letter to Chase at 4 months

UPDATE: You rolled over front to back 3 times on 6/1. You might not be doing it again for a while given that I stood over you like a maniac cheering and scared the living day lights out of you!

You had your 4 month appointment on 6/2 and weighed 16 pounds 2 ounces (70th%) and were 25 1/2" (75th%). Your head circumference was 16 1/4" (25th%). You were a good boy for Dr. B. and he was very happy with your progress. You really didn't like your vaccinations (you were actually inconsolable for a while following the shots). I was sooooo sad to see you go from the happiest boy in the world to such a sad little guy. Don't worry, I asked that mean lady (the nurse) not to do that to you anymore! He gave us the green light to start you on cereal and I think I'll be starting soon to help satisfy that big appetite!

My sweet, sweet, boy. I cannot believe you are 4 months old. Time has flown and you are already one-third of your way through your first year. It simply can't be possible! It feels like just yesterday that I held you in my arms for the first time. Yet, you've made such a seamless entrance into our family that it also seems as if you've been around forever. It's like God took a mold of the empty space in our family picture and made you. You fit perfectly!

You are such a happy baby. You smile and giggle constantly! You especially love it when I make duck noises and anytime you see me smile, you grin yourself. When I talk to you, you move your mouth and "talk" back to me. I look at you and can't help but smile ear to ear. I really have never met a sweeter baby and I promise I'm not just saying that because I'm your mommy.

Oh my goodness, you LOVE your sister. (I call her your "Sissy" and she always says, "I'm not Sissy, I'm Addison!") Your eyes have started to follow her wherever she goes. I can already tell that you are going to be her little sidekick. Fortunately, I don't think she'll mind too much. She seriously loves you more than anything. I pray every day that you will always be close and be there for one another just like you are today at such young ages.

You are still a great sleeper, though you have been a little inconsistent lately. This started happening when we moved you from your car seat into your crib on 5/24. I hated to take you away from your secure little cocoon, but it was time. You sleep about 16-17 hours a day. You have been sleeping anywhere from 9-11 hours straight on most nights and go back down for another few hours after eating. After a couple of bumpy days of naps, you are back to sleeping 1.5-2 hours in the morning and 2-3 in the afternoon. You then stay awake until bedtime, which is usually between 6:30-7. You are still swaddled, but every single time you wake up, you have broken out of your swaddle and are usually sucking on your fist.

You are a hungry boy! You take about 8 ounces (still mostly breastmilk) at each feed, sometimes even a little more. We haven't had your appointment yet to see how much you weigh, but I'm certain you are going to be around 16 pounds. You are mostly in 6 and 6-9 month clothes and we have started putting you in 9 months clothes, which fit great, too.

You were such a gem during your 4 month photo shoot. I will forever treasure these pictures. They are a true testament to your budding personality! Pardon the fact that I couldn't just pick a few. You are just TOO handsome to be able to do that!

You put your legs in this position yourself (meaning you wouldn't straighten them out for me to sit you on your bottom!) Silly boy!!

Loving on teddy.

You look long in this picture!

Naked baby!! Loving how you are holding your hands in prayer position. You always do that...your sister was the same way!
Chase, I really can't wait to watch you grow up into the charming boy and wonderful man that I know you will be, but PLEASE ,PLEASE, PLEASE stop growing. I'm begging you! It's going by too quickly!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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