Friday, May 28, 2010

Her new love

Addie has a new love.

Well, 2.

The first is our next door neighbor, Kiernan. Addison has been very fond of the now 6 year old ever since he took her for a ride on his Deere. She is constantly asking "Where is Kiernan?" or "Can I go play with Kiernan?" I think this little crush might be reciprocal because lately, when Kiernan sees Addison approaching, he runs inside or hops on his bike and rides away. Or perhaps he just doesn't want to be bothered by a 2 year old. We'll probably never know. :)

When they are together, they like to play tag. Addison runs after him squealing, "I'm gonna get you Kiernan!" The other day, they were preparing to play in the sprinkler and Kiernan's older sister had him in the garage lathering him up with sunscreen when he asked, "Where is Addison?" Addison and I were on the driveway and Addison immediately replied, "I'm right here, Kiernan. It's okay. I'm right here. I'm right here Kiernan." I mean, tell me that is not the cutest thing ever!

Addison's second love is the sprinkler. She asks to play in it every day now. On this particular day, she was playing in the neighbors. I just love these pictures. There is nothing better than seeing your children happy and having fun.

She thought she would try to go shirtless, too, until I explained to her that girls keep their shirts on.

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