Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I have been begging Mommy to update my blog about my weekend. She apologizes for the delay. She said she's been too busy taking care of me. I think she thinks I'm high maintenance. :)

Well, it was another great weekend. My Gammy, Poppy, Aunt Julie, Uncle Josh, Cousin Noah, and Cousin Bailey (Noah's doggy) spent the weekend with me! Also, my Aunt Lori and Uncle Shawn came to our house on Sunday to have dinner for my Gammy's birthday. I loved seeing everyone! The girls (and Noah) spent a lot of time together while the boys spent a LONG time staining our deck. They did such a fabulous job. It looks great, Daddy! Noah was lucky enough to experience Mommy's photo studio. This is a little of what came out of it. Noah and I are best pals! I can't wait to see you again in 2 weeks, Noah!

2 sweet babies

See how I put my arm around Noah? That's 'cause I'm his big cousin. :)

Love Noah's dimples!

More sweetness. Our mommies couldn't get enough!

This is where I stop acting so serious!
Soon Noah will be smiling with me!

Showing off my gorgeous smile

Oops, I became serious again.

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