Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Buh-bye bouncer

It's about that time to say buh-bye to the bouncer. It just isn't cutting it anymore. We'll miss the old guy. I don't know how we'll manage without the rain forest sounds and songs as our dinner music each night. We often find ourselves humming the annoying tunes even after it has been turned off. Addison used to sit in it when I would shower, fold laundry, cook, eat...and she liked it. However, over the past few weeks, she has developed an aversion to the bouncer, each day becoming more severe. Since she's a big girl now, she wants to sit up rather than be reclined. Today, I was stripping the bed and folding laundry. I turned to our dear reliable friend and placed Addison in it only for her to scream within 5 seconds. So, this is where she ended up for the next 20 minutes. (Notice she kept one of the rings that she likes to wear as a bracelet.)

Then we thought it would be fun to play in the down comforter. It looked like she was floating in the clouds. I just had to include these pictures to show off her curls!

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