Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Noah!

UPDATE: My sister took a couple pictures to prove that Chase was, in fact, at Noah's birthday party. I am so happy she got these!

Josh's mom holding him right after I woke him up from his nap.

Josh's sister, Heather, feeding him. His outfit is a 3-6 month from Janie and Jack (I've always found them to run on the bigger side). I just can't believe Chase is getting so big. I am not ready for him to grow up!

Our sweet nephew/cousin turned 2 yesterday! We had a great time at his choo-choo train themed party. Addison spent the weekend in Cleveland (and loved every second of it). Chase, Dustin and I headed up just for the day. Chase slept during the entire party, except the last few minutes when I woke him to eat. He doesn't like to be woken up. I wonder who he gets that from? (hint, hint: me). :)

Gammy, Addie and Noah

My sister made Noah's cake. Good job, sis! Oh, and you too, Terri Crocker!

Noah clapping for himself after blowing out his candle.

Eating cupcakes.

After eating 3/4 of her yellow one, Addison decided she wanted a white one like Noah.

Helping Noah open his gifts.

Besides his new swing set outside, this was his coolest gift from his Aunt Heather. He squealed when he saw it. Noah didn't know how to make it go (not that we wanted it to go in the kitchen!)This was right before Addison jumped over Taylor and sat on Noah's lap and pushed the gas. You could just see her little wheels turning as she was calculating her plan to get this car moving! Hilarious!

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Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Noah!

I remember a certain someone needing at least 8 hours of sleep, and wasn't happy when they were woken up by their bored roommate:) Boy are those days gone!