Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday (day before Easter), we went to a Baptist Church in one of the suburbs of Columbus for an egg drop. What exactly is an egg drop, you ask? You'll just have to read and see!

(that's Chase in my Moby Wrap!)

Mom, Julie and Noah
There was face painting
That was supposed to be Elmo. I guess you need to think outside of the box to see it.
She also wanted a butterfly.

And there were bounce houses

And firetrucks/firemen (which Addison still doesn't care for)

And then there was the main event....the EGG DROP!
This helicopter dropped 8,000 eggs into a field!
In the mad dash of children and parents (we were supposed to go by age groups, which we didn't and the parents of the older kids were supposed to stay back, but they didn't obey - they wanted their kids to get as many eggs as possible. Those were some crazy, competitive parents!) that ensued,
Addison managed to collect 8 eggs (with my help and Dustin moving her from place to place so she wasn't trampled.)
We had a lot of fun. As the cherry on top, they had free Krispy Kreme doughnuts galore. ;)

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Hollywood said...

Great pics--so glad you came! (though the "hunt" was a mob, I agree--I called the church :)) I have some pics that we downloaded from Alan's camera that I ordered from Snapfish for you--I'm going to give them to mom to leave at TLG for you when they arrive!