Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chase's Baptism

Easter was especially special this year. We had Chase baptised that afternoon. Both of our families attended mass together and Chase was baptised afterwards. We chose my sister, Lori, and our brother-in-law, Josh, as Chase's Godparents. They are already positive influences in our children's lives and we know they will continue to be so for our son.

The ceremony began in the annex as we welcomed Chase (and 2 other babies) into the church.

Josh performing the Sign of the Cross on Chase's forehead.

Deacon making sign of cross on his chest with anointed oil.

Our little Catholic Boy. :)

The children were invited to help bless the baptismal water. Addison wasn't sure she was allowed to be doing this!

Pouring Baptismal water on his head.

Wearing the cloth that the parish made for him.


The parents and Godparents
The Godparents
I love our little family of 4!

Mommy, Daddy and Chase
Damon, Aaron, Kathy and Chase (missing is Logan who was sleeping in his stroller)

Shawn, Lori, Chase, Josh and Julie
The Frazier family
My family
I didn't get any pictures of our luncheon reception, but I did manage to get some of the cake before we cut into it.

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